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Subject: Fear of FlyingThis story is based on a discussion on another website about Patrick
Flueger's strange behavior on a Today Show interview with costar Joel
Gretsch. The interview dorki info loli repon
was real, everything else, I made up.Joel watched the young man next to him fidget with the window buttons
rolling them up and down in their shared cab to the Vancouver Airport."Nervous?" Joel asked, as he watched his young costar tap his foot
nervously."A little," Patrick offered with a forlorn smile."About the interview or flying?""Both," Patrick answered. "I hate to fly.""Wanna grab a drink at the airport. It will settle your nerves."Joel patted his costars leg and let his hand linger as he looked out
towards the approaching airport.Three scotches later and the slim blond was less antsy and ready to board
the plane. Joel could sense the fear creeping up on the young man who was
twenty years his junior. Despite the age difference they had plenty in
common. Joel kept the young blond's mind occupied by talking of their
mutual home state Minnesota and being December babies. Both men joked
about getting cheated out of birthday presents being born so close to
Christmas.It was time for take off and while Joel had been successful with his
distraction techniques before departure, a few sideway glances revealed
absolute panic from his younger costar as the flight attendants began to
demonstrate safety procedures. Joel reached over and grasped the slim
blond's hand. Grateful blue eyes looked into green ones and squeezed the
offered hand. The older man leaned over and promised another drink for the
young man after take off.The two held hands until the plane was at cruising altitude. Patrick slid
his hand out from his co star's, slightly embarrassed for being such a
coward. Joel asked for scotch and soda for both of them. They sipped their
drinks and speculated on their new show's success and the possibitlity of
it being picked up for another season. When the flight attendant came back
around to see if they needed something else, Patrick was out like a light,
blond head resting on the older man's shoulder. Joel hoped the young man
would sleep for the entire thirteen hour trip, but turbulence saw to it
that he didn't. Not thinking, the older man offered his young costar a
sleeping naked lolita teen girls pill which he chased down with the remaining scotch before the
flight attendants made there rounds, stowing everything away for the bumpy
flight. By the time they did land, the poor boy was completely out of it.Joel tried the coffee thing as the made their way out of the airport for
their early morning interview. All it did was seem to make Patrick
jittery. He was extremely animated in the cab and Joel made sure he got
another cup before they went on air but it was to no avail. Patrick was out
of control. He kept fidgeting with his sneakers and became easily
distracted by the crew working around them. He even lost his train of
thought while answering a question. Joel tried his best to cover for the
younger man feeling embarrassed for him. It wasn't until they were out of
the studio and heading for their hotel that Patrick seemed to sober up. He
collapsed against Joel's chest mortified at his performance on the morning
talk show."They probably think I'm on crack or something," he moaned in
embarrassment.Joel carded his fingers through the silky blond hair of his costar and
tried to reassure him."Nah, they probably just thought you were nervous. After all it was your
first big interview.""I'm such a jerk. I tried to focus but I couldn't.""Hey, it's my fault. I shouldn't have let you drink so much and take that
pill.""I hope nobody from the show was watching. They'll probably fire ls magazine lolita php me."Joel drew his costar closer and kissed his hair. "It will be alright, I
promise. If anyone gives you any flack, let me know. I'll cover for you."Patrick looked up into the older man's green eyes. "Thanks," he smiled
half-heartedly."My pleasure," Joel replied. He would have kissed the boy right then and
there but he caught the cabdrivers eyes watching them through his rear view
mirror."C'mon, pull yourself together. We're almost there."Minutes later, both men were settling into their respective rooms at the
New York Hilton. They were scheduled for another interview the next
morning, so they had the rest of the day to relax and recuperate from their
trip. Joel was thankful their rooms were adjacent to each other. After
the mornings fiasco, he thought it best to keep an eye on his costar. He
stepped out of his room and next door to where Patrick was staying."Pat," he called, rapping on the www lolita models com
door lightly.He almost panicked when the door creaked open slightly."Pat?" He called again, stepping cautiously into the room.He wasn't sure what he was expecting to find, but what he did find caused a
slight stirring in places he didn't care to think about. Sprawled out
across the width of the bed was the young blond, stripped down to his boxer
briefs and shirtless. He was passed out and snoring lightly. Joel shook
his head and smiled, easing the door closed behind him and stepping
carefully over to the bed. He leaned down and grasping the boy by the
waist, tried to drag Patrick's body up the bed so that he was laying
lengthwise. Instead, the younger man wrapped his arms around Joel's
shoulder's and pulled him down on top of him, clutching on to him like a
teddy bear. He let out a soft moan and pulled Joel down even tighter.His costar would have laughed at how ridiculous the situation was if it
wasn't for how hard he was getting being held firm against the lean warm
body. He also feared the young man would non nude lolitas models wake suddenly to find him
sprawled out on top of him. Joel managed to reach up and pull Patrick's
arms apart, pinning them on either side of his head. He was just about www shy lolita site
release the boy and leave well enough alone when he found himself staring
into fearful blue orbs. Instinctively, Joel clasped his hand over the
younger man's mouth for fear he would scream. This only caused the younger
man to panic more.Patrick's arms were flailing and he was screaming against the hand that
gagged him."Hey, hey calm down. I was just I was trying to tuck you in."Patrick's movements slowed and Joel cautiously removed his hand from the
younger man's mouth. He could tell his costar was still disoriented and
confused."Ssh, easy. Your door was open and I was trying to make you more
comfortable."Joel watched the glint of recognition in his co star's eyes. His breathing
steady as he stared up at the man."I'm sorry," Pat choked out. "I thought you were," he let the sentence die
and struggled to sit up.Joel back off the bed giving his colleague some space."I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you," he offered, crouching young preteen nn lolitas down in
front of the other man."Sorry I freaked out. I didn't know what was happening."Patrick barely glanced at the man stooping in front of him."This has been a pretty crappy trip for you so far; hasn't it," Joel
smiled.Finally Patrick met the older man's gaze and nodded."Tell you what," Joel began, placing a hand on the younger man's thigh, "
You get some sleep and later I'll treat you to dinner. Deal?""Deal," Patrick answered, finally relaxing.Joel stood, stretching out his legs which were beginning to cramp. "I'll
call you in a couple of hours to wake you.""Thanks," Patrick yawned, already beginning to feel sleepy again.Joel was almost out the door when he heard his costar mutter sleepily, "If
I'd known it was you, I wouldn't have struggled."The older blond turned back to see the boy curled up hugging his pillow.
His eyes were closed and a blissful smile graced his face. Joel shook the
voice that dared him to go back and exited the room silently. Leaning
against door he shut his eyes tight and tried to convince himself that the
words he heard were that of a drunken man and nothing more. Still, as he
entered his own room and lay across his own bed, sleep would not come. He
checked his watch. Even if they had an early dinner, it would still be
hours before he was with the man again."Go to sleep Joel," he sighed, staring up at the ceiling, trying to occupy
his mind with anything but the words of the boy who was twenty years his
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